13. Don

Walking the dog was an outlet for me. It got me out of the house.

12. Mike

The morning’s reality hits me with yet another crisis, another way I must do penance for years of acting like a jerk.

11. Scenarios

In addition to my own experience and knowledge of what other men are like, I can offer a few insights that might be helpful.

10. You

You, the readers, could have more important stories than my own. That knowledge tells me I should listen to those stories and do what I can to polish them a little. Then use this medium to inform and inspire others to do something similar.

9. Relationships

My brain continues to allow me to interact with the world. That’s no longer the case with my wife, the other half of me for over half a century.

8. Gender

There are both men and women who provide excellent care for their spouses without giving evidence of being severely affected emotionally, physically, or spiritually.

7. Faith

How can a husband, or anyone else, view faith as a solace for overcoming unremittent sadness and grief?

6. Engagement

I began to define aloneness as a lack of dynamic engagement with someone (or people) with whom I had formed an essential bond.

5. Aloneness

Aloneness is much different than feeling lonely.

4. Loneliness

Some can only imagine what my care giving situation is like. Few of them can share the type or level of meaning my wife and I subscribed to.


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