Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia seriously impact the lives of caregivers. Much is being written about the problem. A caregiver often suffers as much as the afflicted loved one. Emotionally, psychologically and even physically. Women and men. My goal is to share care giving issues as a husband, and explore unique problems other men face.

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33. Mentoring

To my wife and me the practices of living responsibly and paying it forward were intertwined. One practice was not possible without the other. Responsible living was the foundation for serving the other. For mentoring or paying it forward.

32. We

We can choose to be happy. I have chosen to be as happy as possible while serving as a caregiver for a wife with Alzheimer’s. But that happiness is not to be achieved at her expense, shunted away or forgotten while I pursue other diversions.

31. Happiness

We need to manage our destiny by controlling our self-perceptions and actions