Stu Ervay

Stu is a retired university professor and consultant to public schools. Prior to his work in higher education, he served as a unit commander in the United States Army, and taught history and government in secondary schools. Since retirement he has written journal articles and a book on school improvement. He is now a state AARP volunteer leader. His wife, Barbara, is also a retired educator. In addition to many years of teaching middle school science, she played a significant role as an advocate for women in church leadership.

Barbara and Stu worked with other associates to initiate and advance the work of a nonprofit consultant/publishing organization. It has benefitted hundreds of schools, districts, and other education organizations around the nation and world.

The couple has two sons and three grandchildren. Barbara was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Syndrome in 2014 and is now a resident of a memory care home.

Barbara and Stu Ervay in 1975

The photos below are from the last three years in which Barbara has been in a memory care facility, Prairie Elder Care.

Celebrating Barbara’s 79th birthday

Barbara sharing Stu’s cruise to the Panama Canal.
Barbara with Lexi

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